Tips for Baking Cakes That Taste As Good As They Look

Many people are intimidated by baking cakes. They think that they’ll never be able to bake a cake that tastes as good Red-Velvet-Cupcakes_800x356as the ones you can buy at the store. However, it’s likely that this isn’t the case. Baking a cake isn’t as complicated as a lot of people think it is.

What’s important is that you learn a few tricks and make sure that you avoid the most common mistakes. The next time you go to prepare a cake, keep these things in mind. They’ll help you to make the perfect cake.

Always Use Room Temperature Eggs

When people are making cakes, a lot of them don’t take the eggs out of the fridge until they’re ready to use them. However, your cake will actually come out better if you let the eggs warm a little before hand. Take them out of the fridge before you get to work, and wait until they’re at room temperature to use them. Your batter will mix better, and your cake will taste better.

Make Sure You Measure With Care

img_8987A lot of bakers don’t put a lot of time into making sure they measure things precisely. They figure as long as they’re close, the cake will turn out fine.

However, if you want an amazing cake, you’re going to need to do better than fine. Take the time to measure out each ingredient carefully, especially the flour. Your cake will taste better when you get everything right.

Butter the Cake Pan With a Pastry Brush

When you’re buttering the cake pan, it’s easy to miss a spot. This can cause your cake to stick to the cake pan a little when you take it out. If you want to avoid this issue, make sure you butter your pan with a pastry brush. It’ll allow you to coat every inch of it evenly.

Always Put Your Cake In the Center of the Oven

If you want your cake to cook evenly, make sure it’s placed at the center of the oven when you put it in to bake. If it’s there, it’ll get the perfect amount of heat and air circulation, and it’ll come out delicious.

Always Rotate the Pan

While your cake is cooking, periodically open up the oven and rotate the pan a little. This will also help your cake to cook evenly, and will ensure that no part of it winds up burnt.

Always Give Your Cake Enough Time to Cool

12444_211852791649_648126649_3587819_3485026_nA lot of the time, people are so excited to eat and decorate their cake that they take it out of the pan when it’s still hot. It’s smarter to give your cake enough time to cool. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes before you touch it.

As you can see, baking cakes isn’t as challenging as it might seem at first glance. Take the time to apply these tips, and you’re sure to wind up with an amazing cake at the end.